Benchmarking 2020 – Phase 2 YES

Benchmarking 2020 – Phase 2

Self-review of Assessment Policies and Processes

This survey is for Centre’s which participated in the 2018-2019 UECA benchmarking project.

Prior to completing the online survey, you may wish to look at the questions being asked.
Download Phase 2 Survey (DID Participate Version) (PDF)

Please allow approx. 30 minutes to complete this submission.

Please note, during the submission process, you will be required to enter ‘free’ text for some responses.

  • These ‘free’ text responses will be added to the reports (individual and summary). Please try to avoid lists, bullet points, and incomplete sentences. Please proofread your responses for accuracy before submitting.
  • In addition, to maintain confidentiality, we recommend avoiding identifying your Centre or other Centres directly in these ‘free’ text responses.

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