PD Awards

Professional Development Awards

2024 – 2025

In 2024 and 2025 each PD event (Assessment Symposium and PD Fest) will have two awards available to encourage wide participation in UECA events.

The first is an award for presenters who live interstate from the location of the event.

The second award is for any first-time presenter at a UECA event.

The award will consist of airfares and accommodation for 2 nights to enable attendance at the event (if they are interstate), or for first-time presenter who live locally to the event, they will be eligible for airfares and 2 nights of accommodation to the next UECA PD event.

Who is eligible for the awards?

  1. Interstate presenters
    To be considered for the award presenters must live interstate from the venue of the PD event. Consideration will be given to presenters who are employed by a centre which is in the same state but is more than 400 kms from the event and will require extensive travel.
  2. First-time presenters
    To be considered for the award presenters must be presenting at a UECA PD event for the first time.

In addition, to be eligible for the award PD event presenters need to be currently employed by a UECA member centre. UECA will independently verify employment with the Director of the member centre provided with the abstract submission.

How can I apply for the award?

Indicate interest in the awards on the presenter application form. Applicants may choose to provide additional information about how the award will benefit them and their centre.

How will the award be decided?

The event organising committee will recommend presenters to the UECA executive who will decide the winners.